Faculty Photo Faculty Details
  • Name: Dr. Sarita Singh
  • Designation: Assistant Professor & In-Charge
  • Education: M.Sc.(IIT Roorkee), Ph.D. (GKV Haridwar)
  • Email: saritamath@gmail.com,ssingh.math@doonuniversity.ac.in
  • Area of Specialization/Interest: Fluid dynamics, Mathematical Modeling, Computational Numerical techniques, Mechanical Vibration, Differential equation.
  • Name: Dr. Asha Ram Gairola
  • Designation: Assistant Professor
  • Education: M.Sc. (HNBGU), Ph.D. (IIT Roorkee)
  • Email: ashagairola@gmail.com
  • Area of Specialization/Interest: Approximation Theory, Real & Complex Analysis, Functional Analysis, Numerical Analysis,Fixed Point Theory.
  • Name: Dr. Komal
  • Designation: Assistant Professor
  • Education: M.Sc.(IIT Roorkee), Ph.D. (IIT Roorkee)
  • Email: karyadma.iitr@gmail.com
  • Area of Specialization/Interest: Fuzzy reliability analysis, Optimization, Soft Computing, Differential Equations, Numerical Analysis, Operations Research, Fuzzy Sets and Fuzzy Logic.