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According to a survey, over 26 million people in India defecate in the open. Around 60 percent of Indians do not have access to safe and private toilets. Such overwhelming majority of those without access to sanitation facilities poses a formidable obstacle in the development of the nation.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM) on October 2, 2014, the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.The ambitious programme aims to make the streets, roads and infrastructure across the country clean by October 02, 2019, the 150th birth anniversary of the Father of the Nation. It is country's biggest ever cleanliness drive.

Sanitation has emerged as a key issue since the 2011 Census highlighted e glaring data on lack of toilets in the country by stating that over 26 million people in India defecate in the open. Launched with an estimated cost of around Rs 62,009 crore, Swachh Bharat Mission aims to achieve the elimination of open defecation in the country.

Among its other objectives are conversion of insanitary toilets to pour flush toilets, putting an end to the inhuman practice of manual scavenging and carrying out Municipal Solid Waste Management (MSWM)

We reached Mars. No PM or Minister went. It was the people who did it, our scientists who did it. So can’t we create a Clean India?”
– Shri. Narendra Modi,PM

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