Department of Geology


The Department of Geology in Dr. Nityanand Himalayan Research and Study Centre, Doon University, Uttarakhand (India) is a relatively new (started in year 2020-2021) yet dynamic department of Doon University. One of the most salient features that distinguish our department from other natural/physical science departments is that we investigate a variety of natural systems at different spatio-temporal scales.

At present, we offer M.Sc. Geology degrees with our syllabus covering all aspects of Geology, which are as follows;

  1. Himalayan Geology, Glaciology & Engineering Geology
  2. Remote Sensing & GIS, Natural Hazards, and Environment
  3. Petrology, Palaeontology and Structural Geology
  4. Economic Geology & Geochemistry

Currently, around 08 students in our Master's programs are also involved in research under the guidance of 03 full-time faculties who supervise them in the fields of Himalayan geology, engineering geology, geophysics and natural hazards. Soon, we will start taking Ph.D. scholars to widen the horizon of our research activities.

Academic Goals

Research and education in the Department of Geology are focused on understanding the Himalayan ecosystem with an emphasis on geology. Another primary aspect involves developing knowledge pool to mitigate/eliminate the impacts of potential disasters (Landslides, Flood, Avalanche, and Earthquake). The program also aspires to produce high-calibre professionals with sound background capable of solving fundamental problems in the society.