School of Design-Faculty

School of Design-Faculty Staff

Ms Dhriti Dhaundiyal, Asst Professor/In-Charge

  • She is an alumna of NID Ahmedabad and King's College, London. She is a Transportation Designer with a strong research background in Urban Sustainability. She has worked in the automobile design profession in both India and abroad. She was instrumental in designing the curriculum for School of Design and has been anchoring the programme since its inception. Her areas of expertise include Design Sketching, Form Derivation, Material Studies and Design Research.

Ms Richa Pant, Asst Professor

  • She has mastered in Design Management. She has worked closely with supply chain, operations and IT for developing new businesses and has hands on experience in strategy planning, MIS and business analytics for retail giants. Her areas of expertise include Consumer Studies, Design Managament, Entrepreneurship and History of Design.

Visiting Faculty

Mr. Sanjay Bhatnagar

  • Mr. Sanjay Bhatnagar is a senior Product Designer from NID, Ahmedabad. He was earlier associated full-time with School of Design. He has many years of experience designing exhibitions and runs his own Design studio. His areas of expertise include Design Methods, Exhibition Design and Event Design.

Ms .Vaishnavi Murthy

  • Ms .Vaishnavi Murthy is an alumna of NID, Ahmedabad and University of Reading. She is a Graphic Designer with a higher specialization in font design and typography. She is also an avid researcher in ancient Tulu scripts and manuscripts and freelances as a deep sea diving instructor. Her areas of expertise include, colour, composition, typography and font design.

Ms. Soumi Das

  • Ms. Soumi Das is a senior Graphic Designer and photographer from NID, Ahmedabad. She has worked with various UN organizations and NGOs in the domain of social photography. Her areas of expertise include photography, lighting and studio techniques.

Mr Pranay Sarpal

  • Mr Pranay Sarpal is Masters in Applied Arts from M.S.University, Baroda, Gujarat. He free-lances as a Graphic Designer and pursues photography and origami as his interests. His areas of expertise are Geometric Construction, Analytical Drawing, 3D Geometry and 3D Form Study.

Ms Arti Saparia

  • Ms Arti Saparia is a Sculptor from the Fine Arts programme at Agra University. She has been imparting education in the fine arts for the past many years and also conducts workshops in creative modeling. Her areas of expertise are Design Sketching and Paper Crafts.

Mr. Dushyant Pundir

  • Mr. Dushyant Pundir is an expert animator and film designer. He has studied Animation from Arena Multimedia Institute and runs his own design studio. His areas of expertise include illustration, clay mation, stop motion and classical animation.

Ms. Shreya Jain

  • Ms. Shreya Jain is a Graphic Designer from Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune. She is an independent designer and a business owner who has a design studio which works in the area of strengthening brand identities. Her areas of expertise are typography, book and collateral design.

Mr. Sanjay Jangid

  • Mr. Sanjay Jangid is an Electrical Engineer from IIT Roorkee. He has worked with companies like headstrong and has also been involved in managing IT cell of a national political party. He is a bike enthusiast and has travelled extensively in northern India. His areas of expertise are Engineering Drawing and Material Studies.

Ms. Ruchi Badoni

  • Ms. Ruchi Badoni holds a masters in Textile Design and is a PhD scholar from Banasthali School of Design. She has worked extensively on natural fibres in the Himalayan region. Her areas of expertise include colour theory, composition, fabric dyeing and weaving with natural fibers.