School of Env. & Natural Resources (SENR) Faculty

School of Env. & Natural Resources (SENR) Faculty

Dr. Kusum Arunachalam, Professor & HOD

  • Areas of Specialization/Interest: Forest Ecology, Microbiology, soil plant microbe interactions, Forest Ecology & Biodiversity, Climate resilient ecosystems, Traditional knowledge

Dr. Surendra Singh Suthar, Assistant Professor

  • Areas of Specialization/Interest:Ecotoxicology and Industrial Pollution, Solid Waste Management, Vermitechnology/Compost Technology, Wastewater Treatment, Algal Technology, Phytoremediation, Groundwater Contamination Hydrology, Ecological Engineering, Soil Biology, Organic Farming

Dr. Archana Sharma, Assistant Professor

  • Areas of Specialization/Interest: Aquatic Biodiversity,Freshwater Biodiversity; Water Quality Assessment & Monitoring , EIA, Wetland research

Dr. Suneet Naithani, Assistant Professor

  • Areas of Specialization/Interest: Geo-botany using remote sensing and GIS,Disaster Management,Role of Earth Science in Natural Resource Management, Database Creation for Decentralised Planning and e- Governance using RS and GIS

Dr. Vijay Shridhar, Assistant Professor

  • Areas of Specialization/Interest: Air Pollution(Ambient air quality monitoring,Chemical Characterization and source receptor modelling of Pollutants(PAHs, VOCs, Trace metals, carbonaceous matter) in air, water and oil. Aerosol-Cloud interactions and micro physical processes.

Dr. Vipin Kumar Saini, Assistant Professor

  • Areas of Specialization/Interest Advance Nanoporous materials for adsorptive seperation and purification, Valorization of wastes and by-products through Green Chemistry, Ligh-harvesting for environmental applications

Dr. Ujjwal Kumar, Assistant Professor

  • Areas of Specialization/Interest: Statistical/Time Series Modelling and Forecasting, Data Assimilation, Chemical Transport Models (CTMs), Air Quality Modelling/Forecasting,tropospheric O3 and its precursors, Atmospheric Remote Sensing, Aerosols, Black carbon,Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos Theory, Coupling of CTMs and climate models

Dr. Achlesh Daverey, Assistant Professor

  • Areas of Specialization/Interest: Biological Wastewater Treatment; Biological Nitrogen Removal (Anammox Process); Biosurfactants; Bioprocess Design, optimization and Kinetics; Biomass to Energy

Dr. Harish Chandra Andola , Technical Officer

  • Areas of Interest: Environmental Chemistry
  • Qualification: Ph.D., M.Sc.
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